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Boiler Energy Saving Tips

9 Jun

Ensuring your home remains warm and comfortable and that you have hot water on tap when you need it, is a job for which today’s high-efficiency condensing boilers have been specifically designed.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, boilers account for around 60% of household energy bill expenditure so it makes sense to opt for an energy efficient boiler which, over the course of a year, can save you up to £300* on your fuel bills. Not only that, a condensing boiler can also reduce carbon emissions meaning it’s great news for the environment too!

Modern boiler versus old boiler

Modern boilers are more efficient because they are condensing boilers. All well-maintained boilers burn their fuel efficiently, but they inevitably lose some heat in the hot gases that escape up the flue. A condensing boiler has a bigger heat exchanger, so it recovers more heat, sends cooler gases up the flue and is therefore more efficient.

If you would like to find out more about Baxi’s range of highly efficient condensing boilers, visit our page explaining what condensing boilers are. If you are unsure of the type of boiler you require, try our interactive product selector.

Alternative options               

Although a brand new boiler can be a dramatic way of reducing your fuel bills quickly and over a relatively short period the savings will pay back the initial investment, there are a number of other alternative changes you can make to your heating set up that will save you money.

Below we have listed just some of the ways you can easily make your home more energy efficient and therefore cost effective.

Baxi’s top energy saving tips:

Replace your boiler

If your boiler is over ten years old, chances are you are spending more money than you need to on your household energy bills.

Today’s high-efficiency condensing boilers have been designed for maximum fuel efficiency, lowering heating bills and reducing carbon emissions.

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Boiler Energy Saving Tips