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Joe Moore & Company Inc. Wood Fired Boilers

23 Feb

Joe Moore & Company has half a century of experience servicing and repairing wood fired boilers, such as HRTs and hybrids, as well as kilns, furnaces, and other burners. Having served the wood industry in the southeast since our inception in 1957, we have special and extensive experience engineering and implementing refractory repair solutions for wood-fired boilers and kilns, including Hursts, Industrial Boilers, McConnell Kilns, and Wellons Burners. We are also experts in managing wood fuel handling systems for units burning saw dust, wood chips, pellets, and wood waste, and we specialize in troubleshooting wood combustion and steam output issues.

Refractories selection and installation in wood-fired systems is both a science and an art, learned and perfected through extensive experience in the field. For decades, Joe Moore & Company has serviced wood burning boilers, accumulating a great body of knowledge that we can bring to you and your wood burning boiler system. If you need refractory repairs in your wood burning boiler, call Joe Moore & Company, a trusted and reputable source for refractory services to the wood industry since 1957.

You can reach the helpful staff at Joe Moore & Company at (919) 832-1665