Moss Adams Business Consultants: Tax Planning Strategies

7 Oct

Tailored strategies to help ease your burden.


Most of the financial decisions you make have an impact on your taxes. As a result, it takes careful planning to employ tax-saving strategies. Our experienced team of tax professionals can address your unique needs and equip you with insight and answers to help reduce your taxes and financial risk while preserving your hard-earned wealth.

We provide customized guidance to fit your situation so that your tax strategy works in concert with other components of your financial framework and lifestyle. For business owners and executives, we also help you navigate the relationships and complexities of personal and business tax planning.

Services we offer include:

  • Estate tax planning
  • Individual income tax planning
  • Stock option planning
  • Federal, state, and international tax
  • State residency planning
  • Cross-border tax planning
  • Tax impact of selling your business or transitioning ownership interests
  • Representation before the IRS

Fraud Labs Pro – Fraud Detection Solutions: What is malware exploit validation?

21 Sep

Hackers never stop to steal. They tend to create new tricks and spread it across the network to infect private computers. These, are called Trojan horse or malware.

There are millions machines infected by malware or Trojan horse. FraudLabs Pro detects and highlights if the IP address has been infected by malware. An exploited machine can be controlled remotely to perform fraud transactions without leaving a trace.

How to prevent sensitive information being spy by malware and protect your browsers against exploit attacks?

How to configure malware exploit validation?

  1. Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Rules then click Add Rule.


3. Select Visitor IP under the IP Validation category.


4. Select the Condition and then select Malware Exploit Record.



5. Select the action you want.


6. Click Add Rule and don’t forget to click Save and you are done.

Heimdal Security Company: Security Alert – New and Cheap Stampado Ransomware for Sale on the Dark Web

14 Sep


The ransomware market is booming and evidence to this is, unfortunately, abundant.

And because cryptoware is such a big segment of the malware economy, malware creators have to constantly release new “products” to keep their clients engaged and the money flowing.

Here’s just how a new ransomware family gets advertised on the forums where cyber criminals come to do their shopping.

Enter the new Stampado ransomware

You may not have heard of it, yet, but the odds are that it will soon be all over the news.

Stampado is a new ransomware family promoted through aggressive advertising campaigns on the Dark web.

Its creators are probably aiming to appeal to as many buyers as possible by pricing it well below their competitors in the ransomware-as-a-service market: just $39 for a lifetime license!

The sales pitch is straightforward and very enthusiastic:

“Newest Ransomware in market!”


“Stampado Ransomware”


“You always wanted a Ransomware but never wanted two pay Hundreds of dollars for it?

– This list is for you!


“Stampado is a cheap and easy-to-manage ransomware, developed by me and my team.”

“It’s meant two be really easy-to-use. You’ll not need a host. All you will need is an email account.”

The rest of the ad follows the same approach.

The basic details provided in the advertisement indicate that Stampado has roughly the same functionality as CryptoLocker and other similar ransomware.

Another part of the advertisement emphasizes the flexibility that Sampado offers:

“The file can be sent in the following formats: exe, bat, dll, scr, and cmd ”

You can also use binders, packers and crypters (although it’s FUD – do NOT send it to VirusTotal or other online AV sites because they distribute it to AV companies – even when they say that they don’t. Prefer scanning yourself).

Once if infects a computer, Stampado will add the extension “.locked” to all kidnapped files.

Here is a printscreen of the cyber criminals’ ad on the Dark web, which underlines the key benefit:

“Price is ONLY $ 39 for LIFETIME LICENSE!”


Taking it one step further, the creators behind Stampado have even uploaded a presentation video to Youtube, showing it in action.

– Stampado doesn’t need administrator privileges to infect computers (most ransomware don’t need system permissions to encrypt the data)

– It gives the victims 96 hours to pay the ransom

– And it includes an additional social engineering trick: if the ransom isn’t paid, Stampado will delete a random file from the victim’s PC every 6 hours.

Although we know it’s wishful thinking, we can only hope that this ransomware family won’t spread to affect too many users. Unfortunately, given the details we just mentioned, the opposite might just happen.

The wisest thing that any user and organization can do is understand how ransomware acts and spreads, going beyond data encryption.

Once you’ve finally had that “a-ha!” moment, you’ll understand why anti-ransomware protection is important and why data back-ups are a must-have!

Who We Are? – Hill & Associates Ltd Hong Kong Security Risk Management

6 May

Our Team

Our strength is the breadth of our Asia-based team and depth of local knowledge. Our staff of more than 150 includes experts from around the world in fields ranging from law, accounting and banking to military, intelligence and computer forensics. All adhere to strict ethical and internal codes of conduct. Discretion, effectiveness and professionalism make our team – individually and as a unit – your trusted adviser.

Meet some of our team members.

Neil Marshall
Managing Director

Neil has more than 30 years of experience in security and business risk consulting across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He helps corporate clients manage internal fraud matters, labour and commercial relationships, and crisis and contingency management issues, working with stakeholders and senior management to create solutions that are logical, ethical and economically sound. Clients include top-tier Fortune 500 organisations during times of exponential growth into new markets and operations.

Mike Groves

Security Risk Management

Prior to joining Hill & Associates, Mike completed a 28-year career in the Hong Kong Police Force, rising to directorate rank. During his service, Mike commanded the VIP Protection and Tactical Units, and oversaw operations at events including the Handover of Hong Kong in 1997 and meetings of the World Bank, IMF and WTO. Mike works with clients to pre-empt and address issues that impinge on business operations and reputation risk.


John Bruce
Corporate Intelligence

John Bruce runs our Corporate Intelligence service line, which encompasses business intelligence and integrity and background checks. In addition to this, he has specific responsibility for gaming related due diligence, having become involved in the gaming industry due to the burgeoning expansion in worldwide gaming that took place alongside the expansion of the worldwide web. He has considerable experience in providing independent consulting services to companies in the gaming industry on the nature of the industry in Asia.

Adelene Wee
Fraud Prevention & Integrity Risk

Adelene has worked throughout Asia and has extensive experience in the practicalities of doing business – both local and cross-border. She is responsible for managing and conducting client engagements focused on the areas of fraud, bribery and corruption, ethics, corporate governance and integrity and compliance matters. Prior to joining Hill & Associates, Adelene worked in tax and legal services in a Big Four firm and in corporate and commercial law at several international firms.

Howard Marans MD: Huntington Beach Orthopedic Sports Medicine

9 Feb

Dr. Howard Marans – Being at their top physical performance, athletes are a special group of individuals. After an injury, seeking out the best sports medicine doctor in  Huntington Beach is a critical step in the healing process.

Sports Medicine in Huntington Beach

A sports medicine doctor concentrates on the needs of both the professional and amateur athlete. Every sports participant understands minor aches and pains are just part of the fitness training game. When pain does not subside, ignoring the issue will create further irreversible damage to the body.

Why Visit a Sports Medicine Doctor?

Receiving specialized training, a sports medicine doctor will be able to focus on an athlete’s musculoskeletal issues relating physical fitness. The sports medicine specialist receives training beyond primary care physician qualifications. The extra education provides the patient with the best possible care relating to the human body’s movement, physical activity, and injury prevention.

With specialized training, a sports medicine doctor will be able to prescribe a precise treatment program for injury recovery. Treatment approaches range from: Physical Therapy to Arthoscopic Surgery. The treatment program depends on individualized diagnosis and medical needs.

How to Find a Sports Medicine Specialist?

One of the best ways to be directed to an orthopedic specialists or sports medicine doctor is by a referral from a primary care physician. The referral from a primary care physician is indicative the doctor will understand the athlete’s needs for specialized care involving the musculoskeletal injury beyond basic treatment. Other ways to finding orthopedic specialists for sports injuries include:

  • Contact health insurance representative for referrals within the care network.
  • If an athlete picks a doctor out of the network, higher out of pocket costs may be added to the final medical expense.
  • Ask for a referral from the team’s coach, teammates, athletic trainer or others who participate in similar sports activities.
  • Ask friends, family members or others in the peer network.
  • Utilize the Internet to research Huntington Beach area sports medicine specialists.
  • Various medical review sites are available with patient entries on the doctors who provide the best care for athletes.
  • Contact the American Medical Association or other professional organizations for a referrals and reviews.

Each step in finding the right sports medicine doctor will result in a variety of names. In most cases, one orthopedic specialist with a longstanding, consistent practice will stand out above the rest. In order to receive more information about the top choice, be prepared to ask questions during the first consultation.

Questions to Ask

The best sports medicine orthopedic doctor will take the time to answer each question with a detailed explanation.

  • What credentials and experience does the doctor have involving the care of athletes?
  • Does the specialist focus on non-surgical approaches as part of the treatment program?
  • How many similar procedures are performed within a week or month?
  • How long will the recovery process take?
  • Huntington Beach Sports Medicine Doctor

In the Huntington Beach area, Dr. Howard Marans will take the time to address all sports medicine questions. Experienced working with athletes at all levels, Dr. Howard Marans strives to get every patient back into their sport in a timely manner. For your sports injury rehabilitation, please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.

Meir Ezra: “The Whole World Stinks!”

3 Oct

Meir Ezra — While Grandpa is taking a nap on the couch, his seven-year-old grandson gets some Limburger cheese from the refrigerator and smears it on Grandpa’s mustache.

When grandpa wakes up, he says, “This room stinks!” He goes to another room and says, “This room stinks.” After walking throughout the house, he says, “The whole house stinks!”

Grandpa goes outside and takes a deep breath and says, “The whole world stinks!”

Your attitude about life does the same thing.


  1. Your marriage is not going well. You go to a movie and notice how nobody smiles. Couples seem to be bored with each other. The movie’s happy ending seems phony.
  1. Someone’s nasty comment at work makes your head feel like exploding with anger. While driving home, everyone seems aggressive and rude. You drive like a dangerous, insane maniac. You think about gun ownership.
  1. You watch the news on television for a few hours and feel uneasy. You go outside and look at airplanes as possible threats. You suspect your neighbor might be a bad guy. You jump out of your skin when a kid yells, “Bang!”
  1. Your business just made a healthy profit this month. You celebrate at a restaurant where the food tastes great and the waitress is cheerful. When you go outside, the sunset looks glorious. Everyone seems to be smiling.

Why Life Changes

In an article “Is it Possible to Be Happy?” L. Ron Hubbard writes:

“You remember when you were maybe five years old, and you went out in the morning and you looked at the day, and it was a very, very beautiful day, and you looked at the flowers and they were very beautiful flowers.

“Twenty-five years later you get up in the morning, you take a look at the flowers—they are wilted. The day isn’t a happy day.

“Well, what has changed? You know they are the same flowers, it’s the same world, something must have changed.

“Probably it was you.”

“Actually, a little child derives all of his pleasure in life from the grace he puts upon life. He waves a magic hand and brings all manner of interesting things into being out in the society. Here is this big, strong brute of a man riding his iron steed, up and down, and boy, he’d like to be a cop. Yes sir! He would sure like to be a cop; and twenty-five years later he looks at that cop riding up and down and checks his speedometer and says, ‘Doggone these cops!’

“Well, what is changed here? Has the cop changed? No. Just the attitude toward him. One’s attitude toward life makes every possible difference in one’s living. You know you don’t have to study a thousand ancient books to discover that fact. But sometimes it needs to be pointed out again that life doesn’t change so much as you.”

“The day when you stop building your own environment, when you stop building your own surroundings, when you stop waving a magic hand and gracing everything around you with magic and beauty, things cease to be magical, things cease to be beautiful.”

Add Some Magic to Your Life

Clear out the smell of Limburger cheese and make your life more enjoyable with this exercise.

  1. Look around you. Notice your immediate surroundings in present time. Focus on where you are.
  1. Think of a way you can make your environment a little more comfortable. Write it down.
  1. Think of a way you can make your environment a little more cheerful. Write it down.
  1. Think of a way you can make your environment a little more beautiful. Write it down.
  1. Do these three things.
  1. Repeat as needed until your attitude and the world around you improves.

The article “Is it Possible to Be Happy?” is in the book Scientology: A New Slant on Life and available in our bookstore.

Meir Ezra on the Blueprint of Selling

21 Sep



You have an excellent product or service.

You believe in your business and you love to help people.

Prospects reach out to you.

And you even have good sales meetings.


But… a second before the prospect signs on the dotted line or takes out his credit card…

Something happens…..

Instead of closing the deal you get excuses, worries and “reasons” why not.


Did someone ever say to you…

“Let me sleep on it tonight….”

(Clue: Even after 3 months he still did not wake up…)

“Please, don’t pressure me!”

(Clue: Even if you will not say a word your prospect will still say that sentence)

“I’ll talk to my wife and get back with you.”

(Clue: The guy is not married… or he is married but never talks to his wife about his purchases).

“I think it’s too expensive.”

(Clue: The price did not stop him to purchase the new iPhone for $600 and the new iWatch for $500 and… – is that purchasing justice?)

“I want to check a few places before I decide.”

(Clue: He decided – He is buying, but not from you.)

“I never decide on the spot.” 

– When you’ve just used your strongest sales argument

(Clue: What can you say when there is nothing to say?)


If you’ve ever heard one or more of these sentences

And did not close the deal,

You can’t afford to miss…






Let me teach you the EXACT blueprint to

defeat ALL objections in the sales process!


You may have been told that you have to be born as a sales person.

That it has to do with luck.

That it depends on the market.

That if you’ll practice for months… than maybe… you might be successful.

You may have heard that you either are a closer or you are not…

That selling may not be for you…


And many other stories that do not solve the problem

and cause you to end up with no money!


You may have decided that you’re simply not good in sales.

That you’re not a sales person.

And you decided to get someone to sell for you…

But that person ran into the same objections as you did.

Long ago, I also thought that you had to be lucky.

That you needed some kind of special X quality to be successful

in sales…. until….


I cracked the code and discovered the Blueprint of Selling. 


The truth is way too simple –

EVERYONE can sell!

EVERYONE can handle any sales objection

and close the deal.




More Things to Think About…


Do you invest a lot of time in prospects,

but you don’t close the deal?

The prospect stays in doubt…

“To buy or not to buy”  

(feeling like Shakespeare.. 😉

and eventually disappears.


What does it say about you? 

* It does NOT say that you are not a good sales person – I am sure.

* It says you actually progressed well in the sales process.

* It unquestionably says that you are missing the TOOLS that

enable you to easily defeat any objection during the sales process.


After long and thorough research, it was found that there are

only three types of objections a sales person encounters

during the sales process.

The good news is – Each type of objection has an exact handling.

The bad news is – Most sales people don’t know the correct handling.


I’m VERY HAPPY to present the solution to your problem:

The Blueprint of Selling Seminar

– How to Defeat ALL Sales Objections


What you will learn at the Blueprint to Selling seminar:

The three types of objections that cause 95% of all failures to close.

How to spot the type of objections you are dealing with.

The exact steps to overcome those barriers.

What to do with all the extra money you will suddenly earn (my recommendation – register for my academy 😉

And MUCH more…


You have NOTHING to lose and MILLIONS to earn…

Don’t Wait. Sign Up NOW!


By the way – if you feel you cannot afford to attend,

you cannot afford NOT to be there!


After training thousands of executives and owners of companies and debugging hundreds of businesses I will tell you the raw truth:





Yes, I do have an amazing record in sales that will cause the biggest masters to come a learn from me. I can tell you about all the amazing things about my business, the great things I have done for my clients, and a lot of blablabla…

BUT I know that this means nothing to YOU. You want to know…






If you know how to read a blueprint,

You will be able to build the building.

If you know how to read the blueprint of sales,

You will be able to close and build your bank account.

It is a proven system! I have trained many of my high-profile

friends and the results are always crazy!

The system is based on the part of the person that is not rational and not aware – the unconscious.

And hence if you try to understand what you are doing wrong, you will not be able to understand – it makes no sense as there is no sensible reason….

The reason is not rational.. Yet it always determines the decision making process! I’m going to teach the full system at…


Are You Ready to Get the Income You Deserve?


You Have Nothing to Lose and Millions to Earn


I will tell you a secret… Many people have an unexplained fear to make decisions. They made a decision in the past and failed. Because they don’t want to make a wrong decision again, they simply do not decide.

This is the source of the first type of objections…

In five sentences you will be able to identify that fear and totally handle it.


You will learn this and MUCH, MUCH MORE at my Blueprint of Selling Seminar!

This seminar is not like any other sales seminar you’ve ever attended before. I have shared this blueprint only with a handful of close friends…..

And their results have been AMAZING!

Take action now! Because remember…








WHEN: June 25-28, 2015

WHERE: Toronto, Canada

COST: $4,500


Don’t Wait. Sign Up To Speak To A Prosperity Advisor To Learn More.


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Questions? Contact one of our Prosperity Advisors

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